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Delicious fried peanuts!!! Top 5 machines you may do not know-peanut roaster machine

1.Brief introduction of groundnut roasting machine

Peanut roaster machine is a new type of electric furnace with energy-saving and high-efficiency. It integrates the advantages of various machines,and final products boasts great taste. Groundnut roasting machine has safe operation,convenient heating and stable performance.

2.What is the working principle of groundnut roasting machine?

The nut baking machine has wide application and can be used in such nuts as beans,peanuts, melon seeds, almonds, chestnuts to reduce moisture.


This machine uses electric heating tube as heat source and adopts the principle of heat conduction and heat radiation, setting automatic temperature control device.

With hot air as drying medium, heat energy is applied to the raw material. Peanut is continuously pushed by the propelling device to form an uninterrupted cycle so that it is evenly heated with good quality.

3.Compared with other machines, what is the advantage of your machine?

1.The peanut baking machine has a time control part: turn on time controller, the warning light will automatically send a signal to turn off the controller after the peanut is baked to the adjusted time.

2.It also has low power consumption land long service life, meeting food hygiene and international production standards

3.It has auto hot air and exhaust fan system and Configure gas pressure reducing valve, dealing with different sources of fuel gas pressure and ensuring stable fire.


Groundnut baker machine has many types and is designed and manufactured differently. The size of the equipment can be customized according to your need.

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Whatsapp/Tel:+86 17320158259 | Email:info@bestshuliy.com