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Harvest peanuts using a peanut picker

In the past, when it was the time to pick peanuts, we got up at five o ‘clock in the morning and went to the fields to eradicate peanuts. The peanuts were stacked in the shade of my home to avoid sun exposure. It was very difficult to pick dried peanuts. We pick peanuts at home at noon. Due to the large planting area and old fashion manual picking, we worked until 12 o ‘clock everyday for more than half a month. Now the implement of peanut picker has greatly improved picking efficiency.

The threshing machine is known as a machine for rice harvesting, which is widely used in rural areas in the south. Actually, in addition to harvesting rice, the thresher can be used to harvest peanuts. Harvesting peanuts by threshing machine is a kind of traditional method. However, many people do not want to use a threshing machine to pick peanuts for its insufficient threshing effect with sediment, peanut leaves, impurities remain, it is not easy to clean and is easy to cause damage to peanut. Only a few peasant lazy with harvest will pick peanuts in this way. The threshing machine can thresh peanuts with high efficiency, but of poor quality. There are a lot of damaged peanuts, which affects value of peanuts. For we grow peanuts mainly for sale, more people picking peanuts by hand just to sell their peanuts at a good price.

Now with special peanut picking machine as our helper, which saves the time of picking peanuts, it takes less than one day to pick up ten acre of peanuts.

Peanut picking machine is an agricultural machinery used to harvest peanuts. Due to its characteristics of fast speed and high working efficiency, it overwhelmed the market at a relatively fast speed when it appears and applied well in the market. Today, peanut cultivation in large scale shall be equipped with peanut picking machines. What needs to be introduced is that a roller is required to motivate and to make the fruit picking process more smoothly. Then the drum used on the peanut nut picking machine of several forms, and what are they and what is their characteristics?

Nail type roller: the latest nail type roller includes three screw-nail radial flow roller and conical nail axial flow roller. The three screw-nail radial flow roller is mainly used for the peanut dry fruit picking. After picking, the vine is broken, which is not suitable for the wet peanut picking. The roller is used to separate the peanut from vine through the centrifugal action of the cone roller and the impact and beating of the nail teeth. Although the output speed is the same, the linear speeds at the front and back ends of the roller differ greatly, so it is inclined to cause damage to peanuts and block. Due tothe bulky end of conical roller, the whole machine is of large occupation. The roller is composed of several toothed plates fixed on several supporting wheels with different diameters, and several picking teeth arranged in order to form a multi-helical curve according to a certain Angle. During work, after being grabbed by the nail teeth on the rotary drum, the peanut seedling moves along the axial direction while making the tangential motion inside the roller. The resultant motion track is the conical helix.The nail teeth used in the above two types of roller are all welded on the spike-tooth rod. This kind of spike-tooth processing is complex and is not wear-resistant. If there is a blockage, a bended spike-tooth can be caused, and the phenomenon of loose teeth is often caused by poor welding.

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Whatsapp/Tel:+86 17320158259 | Email:info@bestshuliy.com