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Mini manual peanut picking machine

1, Mini manual peanut picking machine this is dry and wet peanut picking machine is suitable for the excavated peanut seedling fruit separation.

2, After picking and cleaning peanuts and clean no more than Miscellaneous, after drying can be directly bagged storage.

Product features

The utility model has the advantages of high net picking rate, low crushing rate, clean cleaning, high working efficiency, reasonable structure of the whole machine, convenient inter-site movement and the like.


Peanut picking machine mainly has a frame, motor(diesel engine), transmission parts, picking out part, fan Qing election part, vibration mechanism.

Working principle

Work by electric motor or diesel engine drives the machine through a feed entry into picking fruit system, by roller selected peanut rod rotation blow from the stem, fruit and sundry by gravure hole whereabouts on the vibrating screen, stem is being exhausted from port discharge, scattered on the vibrating screen with fruit by vibrating screen to fan noise absorption line of miscellaneous, picked clean so as to complete the whole process of fruit. parameters


Picking rate>99%
Crushing rate<1%
Impurities rate<1%
Spindle speed600~700r/min

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Whatsapp/Tel:+86 17320158259 | Email:info@bestshuliy.com