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Peanut Butter production Line


Peanuts are processed into peanut butter through a series of machine. Then peanut butter can be used as a seasoning for various foods.It is very popular in customers. Peanut butter production line is widely used in food industry.


Peanut Butter production Line is mainly through roaster machine-cooling belt-peeling red skin peanut and half peanut-Conveyor-Peanut butter machine-Mixing,vacuum and storage tank for peanut butter


1, Full automation, saves manpower and high efficiency

2, Production line process is simple and easy to operate

3, Cheap price of peanut butter production line with high quality

Equipment NamePictureTechnical data
1.Peanut roasterCapacity:200-240kg/h
Size:1.8*2.2*1.7m Power:2.2kw
Heating way:gas heating or electric heating
2.Cooling beltPower:1.1kw
3.ConveyorPower:0.75kw Size:0.6*0.6M
Speed: adjust
(convey the peanut to peeling half machine from the cooling belt)
4.Peanuts peeling half machinePower:1.85kw Size:1900*800*1400mm
Weight: 300kg
Speed: adjust (sus304)
6.Peanut butter machineRough grinding + fine
Fineness 2-100um SR-130
7.Mixing,vacuum and storage tank for peanut butterSize :Φ1000×2710
Power: 3KW Heating power:18kw 300L
(Raw peanut butter added ingredients, stir, storage effect)
8.Anti-Butter filling machinecapacity:100-400bottle/h
Voltage: 50HZ/220V

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Whatsapp/Tel:+86 17320158259 | Email:info@bestshuliy.com