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Peanut fryer machine


This kind of frying machine is suitable for small and medium-sized fried food processing enterprises. There are two kinds of electric heating and gas heating for customers to choose. Depending on the output, customers can choose 1 box, 2 boxes, 3 boxes or 4 boxes.

Step of working :

Pour the oil into the Peanut fryer machine. When the oil is heated to a certain temperature, put the peanuts and other materials into Peanut fryer machine. After a few minutes of frying, you can use the spoon to remove the peanuts from the fryer. Then put them into the oil removing machine.


  1. Cheap price of Peanut fryer machine with high quality;
  2. Machine is very light and flexible;
  3. Easy to moveand simple operation;
  4. Size of the frying frame can be customized.


Model Power Capacity Size Weight
SL-F500 12kw 50kg/h 700*700*950mm 70kg
SL-F1000 24kw 100kg/h 1200*700*950mm 100kg
SL-F1500 36kw 150kg/h 1700*700*950mm 160kg
SL-F2000 42kw 200kg/h 2200*700*950mm 180kg

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Whatsapp/Tel:+86 17320158259 | Email:info@bestshuliy.com