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Peanut shelling Mchine in Senegal

Yesterday, customers in Senegal called to give us a positive feedback after a six months of operation of the previously ordered peanut sheller, which is reliable, efficient and easy to operate. The customer said that Senegal is a peanut kingdom, and our machine has a better price and reliable quality than other supplier’s. They are about to order 30 more peanut sheller for sale. Here, the editor also hopes that the customer in Senegal will be successful. Although peanuts are good, there are also something should be care about when eatin.

1. Peanuts contain a lot of protein, but consuming too much protein will increase the burden of the intestines, so people with indigestion issue should eat less peanuts.

2. Raw peanut in gastrointestinal tract has the function of slippery intestine. Eating too much of it is likely to cause diarrhea.

3. High-protein and high-fat food will stimulate the gallbladder and induce massive secretion of bile, so patients with hepatobiliary diseases should try to choose the way of steaming when eating peanuts, and avoid frying food, and they can eat a small amount separately by many times.

4. Peanuts contain a lot of fat, and it is easy to make hair follicles secrete more fat, so people with oily skin should not eat too much peanuts.

The nutritional value and efficacy of peanuts are introduced. I hope you can eat peanuts correctly in the future.

Above is the peanut sheller and peanuts eating taboos, if you find these helpful please check our website for more details.

Attention should be paid to the daily use of the peanut sheller to achieve better efficiency. Requirements are as following:

1. Before use, check whether the fasteners are tightened, the rotating part is flexible, and whether there is enough lubricating oil in the bearings. The peanut sheller should be placed on a smooth surface.

2. After the motor is started, the direction of the rotor should be consistent with the direction indicated on the machine. Idling for a few minutes to observe whether there is abnormal sound. Make sure normal running before feeding peanuts evenly.

3. When feeding the peanut, it shall be fed in uniform and appropriate, and shall remove away iron scraps, stones and other sundries, so as to avoid breaking the peanut and causing mechanical failure. Only when sieve covered with peanuts can the outlet switch be opened.

4. Select appropriate mesh according to the size of peanut.

5. When the peanut shell increases, the motor can be moved downward to tighten the fan belt and increase the air blowing capacity.

6. During operation, people should not stand beside the belt transmission to avoid injury.

7.After used for a period of time, when preparing for storage peanut sheller, remove dust, dirt and seeds and other debris on the outside of the outer plate, and remove the belt for keeping individually. Clean all bearings with diesel oil, dry them and grease them. The machine should be covered in a dry storeroom to avoid sun and rain.

8. Sufficient lubricant shall be ensured in the transmission parts and bearings and clean and replace it regularly.

We are directed by market demand, with good faith management, providing the competitive product and the service for the customer. Please contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

9.Due to the high temperature in summer, the over-heated temperature of working machine is inclined to be ignored. However, it may cause some damage to the mechanical equipment. In many cases, the high temperature of these components is a forewarning to component damage.

10.The operating temperature of motor shall not exceed 60 degrees Celsius. If the motor is found over-heated, the motor shall be shut down immediately to check the circuit and avoid motor burning. In addition, if the temperature of the pulley is increasing, it is necessary to check whether the belt is slipped or not, and tighten or replace it according to the situation, so as to avoid a low speed of the peanut sheller. Given contents above, during using of peanut sheller in summer, the temperature of motor and pulley must be checked frequently to avoid damage happens to machine.

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Whatsapp/Tel:+86 17320158259 | Email:info@bestshuliy.com