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The machine you can not miss-peanut picker machine


1.how do farmers pick peanuts in the past?

    In the past, peanut is reaped from soil by harvester machine and scattered in the field. Peanut fruits can not be picked until it is dry by sunshine,which can avoid molding.

    However,people pick peanut fruits by hand that is a tough task and wastes much time.

2.What is the advantage of our groundnut picking machine?


1.It has high removal rate, low breakage rate and great working efficiency,

2.peanut picking machine bears reasonable structure and is easy to move in the field

3. The outlet with unique design towards wet peanut seeding makes the machine more practical. Most important, it can not plug machine.

4. The design of multiple air ducts makes air volume of draught fan more uniform, stable and strong. Impurity removing system enables complex structure become simple and convenient

3.What is the structure of groundnut picking machine?

Our peanut picker machine mainly consists of a frame, an electric motor (or diesel engine), a transmission part, a picking-out part, a fan selection part, and a vibration part


4.how does this groundnut picker work?

1.Driven by the motor or diesel engine, the roller picking rod rotates to break the peanuts out of the stem,

2.Fruit and impurities fall onto the vibrating screen through the gravure hole.

3.The stem is discharged from outlet.

4.Peanut fruit scattered on the screen is vibrated by fan suction , selecting the clean fruit to complete the whole process.


5.What should you pay attention to during operation?

1. If rollers are blocked, please check the quantity of the raw materials, the humidity of the peanut seeding,the tightness of the motor triangle, and the power supply etc.

2.Please adjust the gap between the hobbing and the bottom of screen when the fruit is not clean. it will be many impurities if the gap is longer

3. Please adjust suction port be lower if there are impurities.

4.When the small peanut is sucked out, please adjust suction port higher.

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Whatsapp/Tel:+86 17320158259 | Email:info@bestshuliy.com