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Advantages of peanut harvester operation

Nowadays, the continuous development of science and technology in our country, the continuous improvement of technology, industry they all widely used mechanical operation, convenient and quick, greatly saves manpower, today we speak of peanut harvester, simply refers to finish digging in the process of the peanut harvest fruit, separation of mud, shop, pick up, picking fruit, cleaning and so on a work of mechanical harvesting the crops, the specific what are the benefits do the peanut harvester, today small make up to take you to look at:

1 peanut harvester is one of the convenient agricultural machinery tools, mainly when the peanut is ripe for harvesting, can be combined with the use of agricultural tractors in coordination, not only can be planed after picking peanuts, but also can be crushed, the collection of peanuts fruit, peanut harvest mechanization operation. Compared with the traditional time-consuming and laborious collection work, peanut harvester can greatly reduce labor intensity and save labor costs.

2. The harvesting parts of the peanut harvester swing forward, and the working resistance is small, reducing the power consumption of the unit.

3. The structure of peanut harvester is simple, the operation procedure is very easy to learn, and the price is low. We have a large area of peanut planting, if the harvest of peanuts to hire workers is a great expense, not only to dig workers, but also need to manually crush and select peanuts, this is a very large workload, it takes a long time to work, peanut harvester can complete a series of labor process.

4. Reverse parallelogram equiangular swing mechanism is adopted by peanut harvester to integrate the digging and separation of two parts of peanut harvester.

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Whatsapp/Tel:+86 17320158259 | Email:info@bestshuliy.com