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seasoning machine


Seasoning machine is suitable for all kinds of food seasoning, feeding, hanging pulp, etc. It’s used for potato chips, French fries, fruit chips, peanuts, broad beans and other snack foods. The octagonal seasoning machine is used for the mixing of seasoning powder in the later stage of food processing or the coating of the raw material and the blending. The structure is simple and practical. The barrel is made of stainless steel octagonal design, which can make the food materials and seasoning powder to be processed in a short time. It is necessary to mix the ingredients thoroughly, and the material is automatically discharged. It is convenient to clean and disinfect without dead angle.


  1. All made of stainless steel
  2. Short Mixing time and high efficiency
  3. The octagonal design avoids the disadvantages of the raw material of the ball seasoning barrel not turning.
  4. Automatically unloading material

Main parts:

The includes lifting bracket, drum, reducer, motor,control box and supports

Technical data

Model Diameter Power Capacity Dimension
SLTW-700 700mm 0.75kw 20-30kg/batch 1000*700*1200mm
SLTW-800 800mm 1.5kw 30-50kg/batch 1100*800*1300mm
SLTW-900 900mm 2.2kw 60-70kg/batch 1300*1200*1400mm

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Whatsapp/Tel:+86 17320158259 | Email:info@bestshuliy.com