The peanut roasting line is mainly used to roast peanuts and nuts. So, it can effectively remove the moisture from peanuts. Also, this production line is an integral part of the peanut butter production line and peanut coating line.

Tz Peanut Roasting Equipment
TZ peanut roasting equipment

What is the complete peanut roasting process?

The peanut roasting line includes a raw material elevator, feeding hopper, roasting part, cooling part, and discharge port. Firstly, peanuts enter the feed hopper through the raw material elevator. Then it enters the roasting section driven by the chain plate at the bottom. The chain plate conveyor belt can make the peanuts roast more fully in the roaster and taste better. Finally, the roasted peanuts enter the cooling section to reduce the temperature of the material. The roasted peanuts can be made into peanut butter and coated peanuts.

Commercial Peanut Roasting System In Factory
commercial peanut roasting system in factory

Structure diagram of peanut roasting line

Structure Picture
structure picture

Machine parameters

Heating Power46KW70KW130KW230KW
SizeHoist: 1.5m*0.8m*2.8mRoasting oven: 6.9m*1.5m*2.6mHoist: 1.5m*0.8m*2.8mRoasting oven: 7.5m*1.5m*2.6mHoist: 2.5m*0.7m*2.8mRoasting oven: 8.5m*1.8m*2.6mHoist: 2.5m*0.7m*2.8mRoasting oven: 11m*2.1m*2.6m
Weight  3000KG

Features of peanut roasting line

  1. Integrated production of roasting and cooling. Our peanut roasting system not only has the function of roasting but also has the function of cooling in the second half of the equipment.
  2. The high degree of automation. The industrial peanut roaster has both automatic temperature adjustment functions. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the peanuts and nuts in the roasting process will be roasted.
  3. Multiple heating methods. You can choose electric heating, gas heating, and other heating methods.
  4. Energy saving. Roasted peanuts are very hot. So it is dangerous to move the material manually. In addition, the peanut roasting production line can send the roasted peanuts directly to the cooling system. This is both convenient and safe.
  5. Simple operation. Because our peanut roasting line is fully automatic. Therefore, it is easy to learn and operate.
Roasting Chain Plate
roasting chain plate

Application scope of peanuts roaster line

The peanut roasting line is suitable for roasting peanuts and for roasting almonds, sesame seeds, cashew nuts, sunflower seeds, cocoa beans, chickpeas, Japanese beans, pistachios, and other kinds of nuts and beans. The same can be used to process grains such as corn, quinoa, and oats. Therefore, our commercial peanut roaster has a wide range of applications. So, if you need this machine, please feel free to contact us.