The peanut swing oven can roast coated peanuts, cashews, almonds, beans, and various nuts. Therefore, this is an ideal commercial nut roaster.

In addition, it is also a necessary machine in the coated peanuts production line. The machine adopts electric heating, coal heating, or gas heating. Customers can choose according to their own needs.

Automatic Coated Peanut Roasting Machine
automatic coated peanut roasting machine

How does the peanut swing oven work?

Peanut swing oven adopts electric heating, gas heating, coal heating, or gas heating. Then the temperature of the drying room is raised by using the conduction principle of thermal radiation. Then the heat energy is transferred to the coated peanuts using hot air as the drying medium.
While the roasted peanuts machine is working, the stainless steel tray filled with materials will swing under the action of the adjustable eccentric cam. Multiple conical mixing devices installed in the tray will make the material continuously stir and roll, so that the material can be evenly heated. This effectively ensures the baking quality of materials.

Machine Details
machine details

Working video of commercial peanut roaster machine

Machine Parameters

Voltage380v  50hz380v  50hz

The above are the technical parameters of small peanut roaster and large commercial peanut oven. Their output is 80-100 kg and 200-300 kg/h. Customers can choose the right peanut roasting equipment according to their needs.

Coated Peanut Swing Oven
coated peanut swing oven

Highlights of the automatic coated peanut roasting machine

  1. Various heating methods for customers to choose from. Electric heating, coal heating, gas heating, etc.
  2. The high degree of automation. This is an automatic peanut roasting machine, which can be operated by only one person.
  3. The damage rate is low. Compared with other types of machines, the swing oven has a small turnover of materials and a low damage rate.
  4. Low noise. The machine is manufactured with advanced technology and has been improved for many times. It has the advantage of low noise.
  5. The heating speed is fast. High-quality thermal insulation materials can greatly reduce heating time.
Peanut Swing Oven
peanut swing oven

Application range of swing oven

The peanut swing oven is mainly used to bake coated peanuts, peanut kernels, cocoa beans, fishskin peanuts, nuts, beans, and other granular materials. Therefore. This machine can be used in many restaurants, supermarkets, bakeries, and nut processing plants.

Finished Products
finished products