The peanut harvester is also called a groundnut harvesting machine. It is a kind of crop harvesting machine specially used to harvest peanuts. The peanut harvesting machine can complete the process of digging, shaking, and sorting peanuts in turn. It is common agricultural machinery in modern agricultural production. In addition, our traction peanut harvesting equipment has obtained two patents for utility models and designs approved by the National Patent Office. Therefore, many domestic and foreign customers choose to buy peanut harvesting equipment from our company.

Peanut Harvester
peanut harvester

The Youtube video of the peanut harvester

Technical parameters of peanut harvester

Capacity1300-2000 square meter/h
Packing rate≥98%
Breaking Rate≤1%
Cleaning Rate≥95%
Digging depth≥100mm
Matched power30HP
Harvester widthtwo rows
Distance between rows750-850mm
Row spacing180-250mm
Linkage3-pointed mounted with tractor with PTO shaft

From the table, we can see that the excavation depth of the HS-800 peanut harvester is greater than 100mm. This means that the machine can dig out the peanuts in the field to the maximum extent. There will be no peanuts left in the land. In addition, the breaking rate of peanuts harvested by machine is less than 1%. The output is 1300-2000 square meters per hour. Compared with peanut harvesting by hand, the machine has a lower damage rate and higher efficiency.

Peanut Picker Details
peanut picker details

How does a peanut harvester work?

The peanut harvester is supported by small four wheels. In the working process, the digging blade of the machine first goes deep into the land larger than 100mm to dig out the peanuts. Then move forward under the traction of power. Then the peanut picker machine uses the principle of a vibrating screen to shake the soil in the peanuts clean. And arrange them neatly with the help of special bevels. This can achieve the purpose of separating peanut fruit from the soil. In addition, the HS-800 ground nut harvesting machine is driven by a tractor, which is better than a self-propelled block. And it has the characteristics of fast unloading.

What are the advantages of the groundnut harvesting machine?

  1. The unique roller device can prevent peanut plants from sinking into the soil and facilitate excavation.
  2. The vibrating screen is designed to make the peanut fruit slip off the vibrating screen and be collected.
  3. The bevel design can ensure that the picked peanuts are neatly arranged on one side.
  4. The universal drive shaft connected to the tractor and suspension can drive the sawtooth by adjusting the direction.
  5. The ground nut harvesting machine is simple in structure, convenient in operation, time-saving, and labor-saving.
Groundnut Harvesting Machine
groundnut harvesting machine

When is peanut harvest season?

The best time to harvest peanuts in the Northern Hemisphere is from late August to early October. This is the harvest season for plastic mulched peanuts and open groundnuts. Generally speaking, peanuts are harvested in the Northern Hemisphere from July to September every year. In the southern hemisphere, it is harvested from January to March every year. Peanut growers need to prepare peanut harvesters or other peanut harvesting tools in advance.

Peanut Picking
peanut picking

Which country produces the most peanuts?

According to relevant data, 44041913 tons of peanuts are produced worldwide every year. China is the world’s largest peanut producer, with an annual output of 16685915 tons. India ranks second with an annual output of 6857000 tons. China and India together account for more than 50% of the world’s total output. Nigeria ranks third with an annual output of 3028571 tons. As a large peanut-planting country, it is very necessary to use groundnut harvesting machines to pick peanuts. Secondly, in order to realize the mechanized production of peanut shellers, peanut oil expellers are also essential machines.

American customers bought two peanut digger machines

In March 2022, Michael, an American customer, bought two peanut digger machines of different models from our company. The models are HS-800 and 5HZ-600 respectively. During the communication process, the customer was very concerned about the breakage rate of peanuts. The customer is very satisfied with our machine through the video and picture details we sent. After two weeks, the customer paid us the deposit for the machine, and then we arranged for the delivery.

Customized Groundnut Picker
customized groundnut picker