Continuous peanut roasting oven is a machine for mass roasting peanuts, cashews, almonds, melon seeds and other nuts. It is also called the industrial peanut roaster. The heat source can be gas or electric. This machine is usually found in peanut butter production lines. At Taizy Peanut Machinery, we not only have industrial peanut roasters, but we also have another different type of small roasted peanuts machine for sale.

Structure of continuous peanut roasting oven

The structure of the continuous peanut roaster includes an elevator, feeding hopper, roasting system, cooling system, and discharge port.

Structure Of Industrial Peanut Roasting Machine
structure of industrial peanut roasting machine

The complete peanut roasting process

Customers can choose electricity or gas as the heat source to roast peanuts. First, the operator needs to feed the peanuts to the feed hopper. Then the elevator will transport the peanuts to the feed hopper. Next, the peanuts will be evenly spread on the roasting chain plate into the roasting system. The temperature of the baking oven can reach 180-200℃. After 20 minutes of roasting, the peanuts will be roasted and finished. Then the peanuts will enter the cooling part of the automatic peanut roasting machine. 10 minutes later, the cooled peanuts will be discharged from the discharge port.

Continuous Peanut Roasting Oven
continuous peanut roasting oven

Machine parameters

Capacity (kg/h)200300-3505001000
Size (m)Hoist: 1.5*0.8*2.8Roasting oven: 6.9*1.5*2.6Hoist: 1.5*0.8*2.8Roasting oven: 7.5*1.5*2.6Hoist: 2.5*0.7*2.8Roasting oven: 8.5*1.8*2.6Hoist: 2.5*0.7*2.8Roasting oven: 11*2.1*2.6
Heating power (kw)4670130230
Power (kw)10101515

We have 4 different types of continuous peanut roasters for sale. Their output is 200kg/h, 300-350kg/h, 500kg/h, and 1000kg/h. Customers can choose the right continuous peanut roasting oven according to their needs.

Industrial Peanut Roaster
industrial peanut roaster

Why choose the continuous peanut roasting oven?

  1. The high degree of automation. The whole peanut roasting process can be easily operated by only 1 person.
  2. Stainless steel material. Industrial peanut roaster and peanut contact parts are food-grade stainless steel material. Meet food safety standards.
  3. Equipped with a cooling system. Compared with other types of ordinary peanut roaster, this continuous peanut roasting oven is equipped with a cooling system. This can effectively shorten the cooling time of peanuts.
  4. Large output. Machine output is up to 1000kg/h
  5. Chain plate design. The chain plate design can make the peanuts get fully roasted. The taste of peanuts will also be better. This is also the best way to roast raw peanuts.
Machine Details
machine details

Application scope

This continuous peanut roasting oven has a wide range of applications. It can roast all kinds of nuts, such as cashew nuts, almonds, walnuts, pine nuts, pistachios, and so on. It can also roast fruits and vegetables. Therefore, it is a multi-functional continuous food roaster.

Application Scope
application scope