The peanut butter filler machine is the packaging equipment for filling liquid and paste. As a popular seasoning, peanut butter has a wide range of applications. It is also an important machine in the peanut butter production line. As a professional manufacturer of peanut butter processing machinery, we have a fully automatic peanut butter filling machine and a semi-automatic machine for you to choose from. If you want to start a peanut butter business, you need to purchase this machine.

Application Of Peanut Butter
application of peanut butter

The working principle of peanut butter filler

When the power is turned on, the pneumatic piston pump of the peanut butter filling machine starts to make movements such as suction and filling. The machine is using pneumatic control piston pump to extract the peanut butter liquid into the metering cylinder. When the metering cylinder draws in the quantitative peanut butter it will automatically move to the top of the filling bottle. Then the nozzle valve sinks to put the peanut butter into the packaging bottle through the material tube. At the same time, you can also control the filling volume by adjusting the pneumatic piston pump.

Servo Motor
servo motor
Paste Filling Pneumatic Device
paste filling pneumatic device
Filling Nozzle
filling nozzle

Advantages of peanut butter filler

  1. Safety. The machine will automatically close the filling nozzle after the filling is finished. This can prevent dropping when filling.
  1. The anti-drip device in the filling nozzle can ensure drip-free filling. There is a tray collector under the filling nozzle.
  2. Easy to clean. The parts of the machine are easy to remove. Therefore, cleaning and disinfection are very convenient.
  3. The machine can be adjusted to fit other bottle sizes without changing parts.

Machine parameters

Name4 heads Filling Machine
MaterialStainless Steel
Filling Head4 Heads
Driven TypePneumatic&Electric
After-Sales Service Provided:Warranty:1 year; Video technical support
Filling volume500-3000ml
Filling speed2 heads:240KG-960KG 4 heads:480KG-1920KG
Hopper Volume350L
Machine Size1850mm*1040mm*1900mm

The design of the peanut butter packaging machine

Peanut butter filler consists of an independent filling nozzle, electronic touch screen, conveyor, and electric control cabinet.

Automatic Peanut Butter Filer Machine
automatic peanut butter filer machine

Do you want to get the complete peanut butter filling system?

In addition to the fully automatic peanut filling machine, we have a complete peanut butter filling line. After the operation of this filling line, you can sell peanut butter with confidence. The complete peanut butter filling line includes the four steps of coding, labeling, filling, and capping. Each step corresponds to a machine. So the whole line needs a coding machine, labeling machine, filling machine, and capping machine. If you want to have an efficient peanut butter filling line, we would be a good choice for you.

Peanut Butter Production Line
peanut butter production line

Application scope of peanut butter packing machine

Our peanut butter filler can not only fill peanut butter, but also other materials. Our machines are widely used in the daily chemical, pharmaceutical, chemical, seasoning, and food industries. Generally speaking, as long as the material is liquid can be used.

Finished Products
finished products

Small peanut butter filling machine for sale

At Taizy Peanut Processing Machinery, we not only have large automatic peanut filling machines, but we also have small peanut butter packaging machines. Compared with the large filling machine, it can only fill one bottle of peanut butter at a time. Therefore the production efficiency is lower. But it has the advantage of better operation and cheaper price. Although the output is lower, the machine is made of the same materials and functions as the large peanut butter filler. It can also fill juice, cream, ketchup, and other kinds of materials. If you have limited funds, you can totally buy this small machine from us.