The peanut peeling machine is the equipment to remove the red skin of peanuts. With the help of the machine, the red skin of peanuts can be removed quickly. So, it is an ideal peanut peeling equipment. It is also an important machine in peanut butter production line and coated peanut production line.

Peanut Red Skin Peeling Machine
peanut red skin peeling machine

Types of peanut peeling machine

According to the different states of peanuts, the groundnut peeler can be divided into a dry peeler machine and a wet peanut peeling machine. Because different peeling machines have different parameters and applicable types of peanuts. Next, we will introduce these two kinds of peeling machines to you in detail.

Dry Type Peanut Machine In Taizy Factory
dry type peanut machine in taizy factory

Dry type peanut peeling machine

Dry type peanut peeler is also known as a roasted groundnut peeling machine. It is suitable for peeling peanuts that have been roasted. In addition, it has a wide range of applications. It is also suitable for peeling soybeans, vicia beans, almonds, and mung beans. Also, this dry type peanut peeler is not affected by the size of the material.

What is the design of the peanut peeling machine?

This dry-type peanut peeling machine consists of a feeding hopper, three rollers, two layers of vibrating screen conveyor, a centrifugal fan, and a discharge port. It is designed to peel peanuts by roller friction. Under the relative movement of the rollers, the peanut’s skin will be easily removed. Finally, the peanut kernels will come out from the discharge port. The peanut skin will be blown out from the other side by the fan. Because this machine is made of stainless steel. Therefore, it has the characteristics of sturdiness, durability, and long service life. The unique peeling design makes the peeling rate of this peeling machine greater than or equal to 98%.

Earthnut Peeler Working Process
earthnut peeler working process

Machine Parameters

TZ-1200-300kg/hMotor Power:0.55kwFan power:0.37kwVoltage:380V/220VFrequency:50HZPeeling rate:≥98%Size:1100*400*1100MM
TZ-2400-500kg/hMotor Power:0.55kw*2Fan power:0.37kwVoltage:380V/220VFrequency:50HZPeeling rate:≥98%Size:1100*700*1100MM
TZ-3600-800kg/hMotor Power:0.55kw*3Fan power:0.37kwVoltage:380V/220VFrequency:50HZPeeling rate:≥98%Size:1100*1000*1100MM
TZ-4800-1000kg/hMotor Power:0.55kw*4Fan power:0.37kwVoltage:380V/220VFrequency:50HZPeeling rate:≥98%Size:1100*1400*1100MM

Wet peanut peeling machine

The wet groundnut peeling machine is designed for unroasted peanuts. After this machine peanut peeling has the characteristics of a high integrity rate.

How does the wet peanut shelling machine work?

Different from the dry-type peanut red skin peeling machine, this machine uses rubber roller friction to peel peanuts. Firstly, we need to soak the peanut beans beforehand. secondly, pour the soaked peanuts into the hopper. Then, under the relative friction of the rubber rollers, the red skin of the peanuts will be separated from the peanut beans. Finally, the peanuts come out from the discharge port and the red skin is discharged from another port.

Peanut Peeler
peanut peeler

Machine parameters

Peeling Rate92%-95%92%-95%
Finished Products
finished products

Cost of groundnut peeling machine

As a professional peanut peeling machine manufacturer, we have different types of machines for you to choose from. In fact, different types of peeling machines have different prices. Moreover, the price of this peanut processing machine will be affected by the distance, output, and tax rate. Therefore, the price can be very different. Finally, if you want to know the detailed quotation for the machine, please contact us. And tell us your specific needs. Then our sales will give you a clear quotation.