Groundnut frying machine is a multi-functional fryer machine. It is not only suitable for frying peanuts, but also for frying soybean products, puffed food (chips, fries), pasta, and other nut products.

Therefore, Taizy machine for frying groundnut can be widely used in peanut processing plants and food processing plants.

Machine For Frying Groundnut
machine for frying groundnut

The working principle of groundnut frying machine

The working principle of groundnut frying machine is very simple. It mainly uses electricity or gas as the heat source. The drive unit drives the mixing device inside the machine to turn up and down. After the oil temperature rises, the material is put into the machine. The equipment comes with the stirring function to make the material fried more evenly. In addition, the slag produced during the frying process will sink to the bottom, which effectively prolongs the service life of the oil.

Groundnut frying machine video

Types of machine for frying groundnut

Taizy Peanut Machinery Manufacturing Factory has two different types of groundnut frying machines for customers to choose from. They are electric heating type and gas heating type. If we differentiate from the shape, we have the round machine and the square machine for customers to pick. It depends on the customer’s site and preference.

Small Peanut Frying Machine
small peanut frying machine

Technical parameters

Round gas heated fryer machine

Discharge power(kw)0.750.751.1
Stirring power(kw)0.750.751.5
Heating power100000kilocalorie200000kilocalorie200000kilocalorie
Frying zone size(mm)1000×3501200×3501500×350

Round electric heated groundnut frying machine

Discharge power(kw)0.750.751.5
Stirring power(kw)0.751.11.5
Frying zone size(mm)1000×3501200×3501500×350
Stirrer Device Of The Machine
stirrer device of the machine

Square electric heating fryer machine

Discharge power(kw)0.750.751.5
Heating power(kw)406090
Frying zone size(mm)1200×8001500×8002000×800

Square gas heating fryer machine

Discharge power(kw)0.750.751.5
Heating power100000kilocalorie200000kilocalorie200000kilocalorie
Frying zone size(mm)1200×8001500×8002000×800

Above are the technical parameters of 4 fryer machines. If you need a high quality groundnut frying machine, welcome to contact us at any time.

What are the highlights of the peanut frying machine?

  1. Stirring device. The stirring device inside the machine can ensure that each peanut is evenly fried. It can also prevent the bottom of the paste.
  2. Automatic temperature control. When the oil temperature is higher than the set temperature, the electric heater (burner) will automatically stop. This can make the groundnut frying machine always at the appropriate frying temperature. Also, improve the quality of the product.
  3. Automatic unloading. Through the way of a motor lift, when the frying is completed, it can automatically unload the material. This reduces the labor intensity of workers.
  4. The machine is made of 304 stainless steel. It has the characteristics of being sturdy and durable and not easy to rust.
  5. The machine’s insulation cotton is made of aluminum silicate. This material is a new type of environmentally friendly insulation material. At the same time can effectively heat preservation, and reduce power consumption.
Application Scope
application scope

Where to buy groundnut frying machine?

You can buy groundnut frying machine from Taizy Peanut Machinery Co. As a company with more than 10 years of experience in machinery manufacturing, we not only have high-quality machine for frying groundnut for sale but also peanut shelling machines , roasted peanuts machines and machines for making peanut butter and other machinery for customers to choose. If you need any peanut machine, please feel free to contact us.

Groundnut Frying Machine
groundnut frying machine

How to prepare groundnut before frying?

  1. Choose fresh raw peanuts.
  2. Remove the shell and skin of the peanuts. You can use a peanut shelling machine and a wet-type peanut peeling machine to help you.
  3. Wash and dry the processed peanuts.
  4. Preheat the fryer to about 175°C. Operator can use a thermometer to check the oil temperature.
  5. Put the peanuts into the oil.
  6. Fry until golden brown or dark brown. It depends on personal preference, which takes about 10 to 15 minutes.
  7. Pour out the fried peanuts to cool. By the way, you need to maintain your peanut frying machine frequently if you want your machine to last longer.