The commercial peanut butter machine is a machine used to make high-quality peanut butter. Under the action of a peanut butter colloid mill, peanut butter can be easily ground to a very fine fineness. It mainly grinds peanuts into peanut butter through the friction generated by the grinding teeth rotating at high speed inside the machine. At Taizy Machinery, we not only have the commercial peanut butter machine but also a small-scale machine. As the main machine of the peanut butter production line, we have sufficient stock in our factory.

Commercial Peanut Butter Maker In Factory
commercial peanut butter maker in a factory

Structure of commercial peanut butter machine

The peanut butter machine is composed of a base, hopper, cooling water fittings, regulating plate, and discharge port. Among them, the inlet, outlet, and cooling water fittings are all made of high-quality stainless steel. Therefore, it has the feature of being sturdy and wear-resisting. This means that our machines have a long service life. In addition, in order to get a higher fineness of peanut butter, we can also add a grinder to this. After double grinding peanut butter will have a finer texture.

Structure Of Small Peanut Butter Colloid Mill
structure of small peanut butter colloid mill

Machine parameters

ModelCapacity (KG/H)Power (KW)Machine Size (MM)Weight (KG)
Small Scale Peanut Butter Machine
small scale peanut butter machine

Advantages of commercial peanut butter machine

  1. The main parts of the machine are made of durable stainless steel. Therefore, it has the feature of durability.
  2. Various models for you to choose from. Whether you want to buy a small peanut butter machine or a large commercial peanut butter machine, we can meet your requirements.
  3. Adopt the latest wet granule processing technology.
  4. Small footprint. The size of the smallest equipment is 650320650mm, so the size of the machine is small and will not take up too much space for you.
  5. High production efficiency. The maximum output of our machine can reach 25t per hour.
  6. Easy to clean

Buy commercial peanut butter making machine online

In a globally connected environment, many people buy peanut grinder tools online. Because of this we can compare multiple manufacturers and choose the best peanut butter making machine. Many people have different opinions about where to buy the machine from. China’s food industry is developing rapidly and has a high advantage in terms of price. Therefore, a peanut butter making machine from China is the first choice for many buyers. If you want to start a peanut butter plant, this machine is your best choice.

How to make peanut butter quickly?

Application of peanut butter colloid mill

Our peanut butter can not only be used to make peanut butter, but also almond butter, chili sauce, tomato sauce, soy sauce, and cocoa butter. In addition, it can also make various kinds of jams. We understand that many customers want to make almond butter along with peanut butter. Then you can likewise use it as an almond butter machine. Therefore, our commercial peanut butter machine has a wide range of applications.

Peanut Butter Machine Application
peanut butter machine application

How much is a peanut butter grinding machine?

To be honest, the price of a peanut butter machine is influenced by many factors. First of all, the output of peanut butter will affect the price of the machine. The price of the machine with small output is definitely cheaper than the one with large output. Secondly, the quality of peanut butter varies with the price of the machine. If you just want to get peanut butter only, then the price of the machine will be as cheap. But if you want to get a higher fineness of peanut butter then the price will be higher. Because this requires a second grinding process.

Finally, distance is also an important factor that affects the cost of a peanut butter machine. In short, don’t believe the price that the seller gives you. You need to ask about these details to get the right commercial peanut butter machine.