Peanut cereal bar production line is a production line for making peanut brittle, sesame brittle, cereal bar, nut brittle, and various cereal bars. The cereal production line can make a wide variety of cereal bar snacks. If you want to make peanut brittle and cereal bars, our production line is a good choice.

Peanut Candy Bar Machine
peanut candy bar machine

How to make peanut brittle?


Only roasted peanuts can be used to make peanut brittle. Because the roasted peanuts taste more delicious. Therefore, the peanuts need to be roasted before making peanut brittle or peanut bar. Therefore, the first machine that needs to be used in the peanut cereal bar production line is the roasted peanuts machine.

At Taizy Peanut Machinery Factory, we have commercial peanut roasting machines to roast peanuts. The machine is using the principle of heat radiation and heat conduction to roast peanuts. This peanut roaster can roast not only peanuts, but also sesame, walnuts, almonds, and so on. Customers can choose electric heating or gas heating according to the needs of the two heating methods. The peanuts roasted with this roaster are heated evenly because the constantly rotating inner tube can effectively avoid raw material scorching.

Roasted Peanuts Machine
roasted peanuts machine


Peanuts need to be peeled using a peanut peeler after roasting. Peanuts without peeling have a bitter taste, and only peeled peanuts will have a better taste. Groundnut peeling machine uses roller friction to peel peanuts. Peeling rate of up to 98%. And it also has the feature of a low peanut breakage rate.

Peanut Peeler Machine
peanut peeler machine

Making syrup

The next step is to make syrup. The machine for making syrup is a jacketed kettle. The function of the jacketed kettle in the peanut cereal bar production line is to melt the sugar and sugar cubes into syrup. The internal stirring device can prevent the pan from being glued. It can also prevent the syrup from being sticky and difficult to stir. In the process of making syrup, you can add honey and other ingredients to it for flavoring.

Jacketed Kettle
jacketed kettle


The purpose of mixing is to mix the peanuts and syrup well. The mixer is tiltable, so it is easy to unload. The mixing device inside the machine features high mixing power and low noise. A layer of food grade inside the mixing drum can effectively prevent the material from sticking to the barrel wall.


Forming and cutting

Next we need the peanut candy forming and cutting machine. It is the core machine of the peanut candy production line. The cereal bar cutting machine includes a feeding system, briquetting system, cooling system, and cutting system. The mixed ingredients first enter the feeding system of the peanut forming and cutting machine, and then the machine will press the peanut brittle into a flat shape. In this process, the fan above the machine will blow air to cool the peanut brittle. Then the cutting system cuts the peanut brittle into evenly-sized peanut bars or peanut fast.
Therefore, the peanut brittle forming and cutting machine is very powerful. Customers can adjust the cutting knife speed to change the length of peanut brittle and grain brittle.

Cereal Bar Cutting Machine
cereal bar cutting machine


Finally, the peanut candy is packaged by using a snack packing machine. This is also the last machine in the peanut cereal bar production line. Our company has a variety of packaging machines for customers to choose from. We can recommend the right snack packing machine to you according to your output and demand.

Snack Packing Machine
snack packing machine

Complete the peanut candy making process

The complete peanut candy and cereal bar production process is baking – peeling – boiling sugar – mixing – briquetting – cooling – cutting – packaging. The peanut brittle making machine used are peanut roasting machine, peanut peeling machine, jacketed pan, peanut candy forming and cutting machine and peanut candy packing machine.

Features of peanut cereal bar production line

  1. We can adjust the structure of the production line according to the needs of customers and choose the right peanut candy machine for them.
  2. Wide application. Peanut cereal bar making machine can make peanut candy/peanut brittle, sesame candy/sesame brittle, cereal bar, nut brittle and all kinds of cereal bar and cereal brittle.
    3.304 stainless steel material. The parts in contact with materials are made of 304 stainless steel.
  3. Easy to operate. Automatic peanut cereal bar production line can work automatically. Only one person can operate it.
  4. These peanut brittle making machine can produce continuously with high output.

Is peanut brittle hard to make?

To be honest, if you make peanut brittle at home, it will be difficult to do with. Because it requires both roasting peanuts and boiling syrup. But if you use the peanut cereal bar production line will be very good to do. You only need to prepare the ingredients and then operate the peanut brittle making machine. And industrial production is cleaner and more hygienic.

Peanut Brittle Vs Praline
peanut brittle vs praline

Peanut brittle vs praline

Here is the comparison of peanut brittle and praline. By the way, our peanut bar making machine can make both peanut candy and praline.