In April 2022, the semi-automatic peanut butter processing line ordered by Burundi customers was sent to Qingdao port.

Receive customer email

In March 2022, we received an email from Burundi. The email shows that the customer wants a complete peanut butter processing line and a detailed quotation.

Salesman contact customer

After receiving the customer’s email, our salesman Sophia contacted the customer for the first time. And know some detailed information about the customer. According to the customer, he was initially engaged in the clothing industry. But he thinks that the clothing industry is not good, and he wants to engage in the food industry. Therefore, he wanted to buy a peanut butter line to help him make profits. Now customers have ready-made factories and workers. As long as the machine arrives, it can be produced.

Peanut Butter Processing Plant
peanut butter processing plant

Specific communication details

In the process of communicating with customers, we also encountered some problems, such as capital problems. When Sophia made an offer to the customer, the customer felt that it was beyond his budget. He can’t accept the price. We explained to our customers that this fully automatic peanut butter production line has a large output. The customer then said his specific price range.

Then Sophia recommended a semi-automatic peanut butter processing line to the customer. This production line includes a peanut roaster machine, peanut peeling machine, peanut butter machine, peanut butter filling machine, and air compressor. And sent the production process and pictures of the products to the customers. After communication and understanding, the customer is very satisfied with this production line.

Finished Products
finished products

Why do customers choose us?

  1. One-to-one service. Our communication with customers is one-to-one service. A quick response can solve the problems encountered by customers the first time.
  2. Unique customized service. According to the different needs of customers, we can provide personalized services that meet the requirements of customers.
  3. Rich production experience. As a peanut equipment manufacturer with more than 10 years of production experience, our peanut butter processing line has been recognized by customers in many countries.