Taizy peanut crushing machine is a multifunctional nut crusher tool. It is also the easiest way to crush peanuts. It can crush different sizes of nuts to a specific size. So if you are also looking for a cashew nut crushing machine and almond crusher machine, this multifunctional peanut crusher can meet your requirements.

Peanut Crushing Machine
peanut crushing machine

How to crush peanuts?

The peanut crushing machine is used to cut peanuts with multiple blades inside the machine. The machine consists of feeding hopper, conveying system, crushing system, and vibrating screening system. After the peanut kernel enters the feeding hopper, the blades will cut the peanuts. Then the chopped peanuts will enter the sieving system, and the chopped peanuts that meet the size will come out from the discharge port.

Unqualified chopped peanuts will enter the following blades for second cutting to ensure that the chopped peanuts are the ideal size. It is worth mentioning that Taizy Peanut Machinery Factory can customize the screening device with many different grades and then specify the corresponding screen. This can ensure the uniform size of chopped peanuts.

Nut Crushing Machine In Factory
nut crushing machine in factory

Machine parameters


These are the technical parameters of the two groundnut crushing machine. The production capacity is 400kg/h and 600kg/h. The size is 1.6*0.8*1.5m and 1.8*0.8*2m respectively. you need to choose the size of the machine carefully to prevent the space reserved for the groundnut crushing machine.

Commercial peanut crushing machine for sale

In addition to the above peanut chopping machine, Taizy Machinery also has a large peanut chopping machine for sale. The crushing principle is similar to the above machines. The difference is that the large peanut shredder is using a special disc-cutting machine to shred peanuts. The machine is mainly composed of feeding system, cutting machine, vibrating and screening device, etc. The output of the machine is much higher than the above peanut chopper. In addition, we also have the roasted peanuts machine and commercial peanut butter machine. If you need it, welcome to ask us.

Commercial Groundnut Crushing Machine
commercial groundnut crushing machine

The advantages of the Taizy peanut chopping machine

  1. Uniform particle size of chopped peanuts and high yield of finished products.
  2. Unique customization service. Our peanut cutting machine can be customized with multiple levels of peanut crushing and screening devices. Therefore, this can ensure the accuracy of peanut crushing size.
  3. Food-grade material. The machine is made of food-grade 304 material. It meets the hygiene standard.
  4. Multiple models of peanut crushing machine for customers to choose from. We have several models of small peanut crushers and large peanut crushers.
  5. High degree of automation. The worker only needs to import the roasted peanuts into the feeder. Then the machine will automatically start working.
Finished Products
finished products

Application scope of peanut crusher

The peanut crushing machine is mainly used in the food processing industry, beans, nuts, (such as peanuts, almonds, walnuts, and cashew nuts,) and other materials of different sizes of chopping. And we support customized nut crushing machine for cutting large grain materials.