Small scale peanut butter making machine is the machine for making peanut butter. In addition to peanut butter, this machine can also make sesame butter, tomato butter, almond butter, cashew nut butter, walnut butter, and other sauces. Therefore, the machine can also be used to grind fruits and vegetables.

Small Scale Peanut Butter Making Machine
small scale peanut butter making machine

Machine parameters

ModelCapacity(kg/h)Machine size (mm)Power (kw)Weight (kg)

The above are three small scale peanut butter making machine with different outputs. Their output is 50-80kg/h, 100-150kg/h, and 200-300kg/h. In addition to these three models, we have other models for customers to choose from. If you need this machine, please feel free to contact us.

Working principle of small peanut butter machine

The peanut butter machine is also called the peanut butter colloid mill. There is an adjustable small gap between the two grinding bodies of the machine. When the material passes through this gap, the high-speed rotation of the rotor will increase the speed of the material attached to the rotor surface. The speed of the material attached to the stator surface is zero. In this way, a sharp velocity gradient is generated, which makes the material subject to strong physical effects such as shear, friction, high-frequency vibration and high-speed vortex. Then the material will be effectively emulsified, dispersed, homogenized and crushed. Finally we will get peanut butter.

Groundnut Grinder Machine
groundnut grinder machine

Small scale peanut butter making machine design

This small peanut butter machine is composed of stainless steel hopper, stainless steel cooling water pipe fittings, adjust disk, stainless steel discharge port, high hardness heavier base.

Therefore, our small scale peanut butter making machine is reasonably designed and corrosion-resistant. The machine made of high-quality materials has the characteristics of solid and wear-resistant. In addition, the crushing chamber of the machine is equipped with three grinding areas, the first is the coarse grinding area, the second one is fine grinding area, and the third is the ultra-fine grinding area. By adjusting the clearance between the stator and the rotor, the ideal superfine crushing effect can be effectively achieved. If you want to get peanut butter with higher fineness, we can also add a grinder on this basis for the purpose of double grinding.

Structure Of Small Peanut Butter Colloid Mill
structure of small peanut butter colloid mill

Peanut butter machine for sale

To sum up, Taizy Machinery sells a variety of small peanut butter machines. By the way, we have not only small-scale machines but also commercial peanut butter machines for sale. The output of the large scale peanut butter grinding machine can reach 1000kg/h. Therefore, customers can choose their own machines according to their needs, and there are many choices. In addition, if customers have other special requirements, we can also provide customized services for them.

Small Peanut Butter Machine
small peanut butter machine

Features of small peanut butter colloid mill

  1. Durable. The main parts of the machine are made of stainless steel.
  2. Multiple models. Taizy Machinery has a variety of mini peanut butter machines for sale.
  3. High working efficiency. The machine can grind 50-1000kg of peanut butter in one hour.
  4. The small scale peanut butter making machine has simple structure and convenient maintenance.
  5. Easy to clean.
  6. Widely used. As a machine for grinding groundnuts, it can be used in the food industry, chemical industry, daily chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, construction industry, and other industries.
  7. The small scale peanut butter making machine is easy to operate.
Mini Peanut Butter Machine
mini peanut butter machine

How do you make peanut butter with a machine?

You just need to put the roasted peanuts into a small scale peanut butter making machine. Then the machine will automatically grind the peanut butter. You can get at least 50 kilograms of peanut butter in an hour. This is the easiest way to make peanut butter.