The groundnut peeler is the ideal equipment to remove the peanut skin. At the same time, it can also be used to remove the outer skin of almonds, broad beans, and soybeans. Next, we give you the seven steps to using a groundnut peeler.

Groundnut Peeler
groundnut peeler

Usage of groundnut peeler

  1. Before using the peanut peeler, the first should check whether the fasteners are tightened, whether the rotating part is flexible, whether there is lubricant in the bearings, and whether the peeling machine is placed smoothly. In order to ensure the safety of the operator, but also the motor shell to take grounding protection.
  2. Apply human power to the peanut peeling machine a few turns before the power is turned on. If there is a crashing sound, the cause should be identified, and then energized.
  3. According to the size of peanut kernel should choose the appropriate screen.
  4. After power on should first test run and pay attention to the rotor’s steering is correct. After the motor is started, the rotor should be turned in the same direction as the one marked on the machine. First, idle for a few minutes, and observe whether there is an abnormal sound. After the normal and smooth operation, peanuts can be even put into the feed hopper.
  5. The degree of dryness and wetness of peanuts also have requirements, that is, peanuts should not be too dry or too wet. Too dry, high peanut crushing rate; too wet, the speed of shelling will become slower. By winter rural storage of peanuts are generally dry, in order to make it dry and wet suitable.
  6. The solution to the increase in peanut shells is to move the motor down and increase the amount of blowing air.
  7. When the groundnut peeler works, peanut kernel feeding should be uniform and the right amount. Do not allow iron filings, stones, and other debris mixed in. To prevent breaking peanut kernels or causing mechanical accidents.
Dry Type Peanut Peeling Machine
dry type peanut peeling machine


Peanut processing equipment is mainly deep processing equipment for peanuts. The process of using the equipment needs to be operated in accordance with the above steps. This can maximize the service life of the groundnut skin removing machine.