In August 2021, a Chilean customer purchased a wet peanut peeling machine from our company.

Received customer inquiry

In mid-July 2021, we received an email from Chile in our mailbox. The email said that he wanted to buy a peanut red skin peeling machine to increase production. Asked us the price of the peanut peeling machine in Chile.

Wet Peanut Peeling Machine
wet peanut peeling machine

Contact the customer

After receiving the customer’s inquiry. Our sales Sophia contacted the customer for the first time. And learned the customer’s specific requirements. According to the customer, he has an almond processing plant, which mainly makes ground almonds. He had problems with his almond peeling machine which often did not work properly. Therefore he wanted to buy a new machine. The customer found our company while browsing Google pages. He found that our wet peanut peeling machine has a wide range of applications and is easy to operate.

After learning about the customer’s needs, Sophia recommended one of our machines with an output of 200-250 kg/h. A video of the machine in action was sent to the customer. The price was also within the customer’s budget. After a week of communication, the customer paid us the full cost of the machine.

Packing Picture Of Peanut Peeling Machine
packing picture of peanut peeling machine

What are the customer’s requirements?

  1. Voltage requirement 380v 50hz 3 phase power.
  2. Machine material: the machine material is 304 stainless steel.
  3. The output requirement is 200-300kg/h.

Parameters of wet peanut peeling machine

Peeling Rate94%-98%