The new peanut oil machine has an advanced design, reliable performance, simple operation and convenient maintenance. According to the market price analysis of peanut oil, peanut oil is the most common edible oil in the market. It is also a kind of edible oil that many families will choose to use. And Taizy Peanut Machinery can meet the edible needs of consumers by using special organic cold pressed peanut oil.

The Technique of Improving Oil Yield of Peanut Oil Machine

The professional ground nut oil extraction machine can better squeeze out the rich oil in grain crops such as peanuts and rapeseed. Moreover, the use of professional peanut oil extractor can not only improve the oil yield of the oil press, but also better retain the taste of edible oil. This makes the fried dishes taste very good.

Peanut Oil Machine
peanut oil machine

To improve the oil yield of the peanut oil machine, first, check and adjust the tightness of the transmission belt. Then start the motor to make the machine idle for about 15min. Then check the rotating speed of the screw pressing shaft. Generally, the rotating speed shall be about 33 min. During idling, pay attention to the engagement and sound of the gears in the gearbox, and whether the bearing parts and motors are normal. When the peanut oil machine is idling, the motor current should be about 3A.

If the current is too high, stop the machine immediately for inspection, and start the machine after adjustment. Before oil extraction, preheat the equipment with oil cake to control the degree of frying seeds of raw materials by 70%. This ensures that a high fuel delivery rate is maintained.