Groundnut oil extractor is a common kind of peanut oil press machine in the market. It is also one of our company’s hot selling peanut oil expeller. Because his oil extraction capacity is superior compared to other oil presses. Therefore, whether our customers want an oil press or a peanut oil extraction line, they will choose this machine.

How to extract oil from groundnut seed?

The Screw groundnut oil extractor mainly consists of the automatic control box, heating and pressing part, adjusting part, rotating part, and vacuum oil filtering five major parts. The heating and pressing part of the peanut oil press is the most important part of the whole machine.

First, you need to pour the peanut kernel into the hopper. Then the screw structure inside the machine will keep pushing the material forward. As the gap between the press chamber and the pressing screw is gradually reduced, the density of the oil material will increase.

Groundnut Oil Extractor
groundnut oil extractor

Therefore, the internal pressure will also gradually become larger. In this way, heat will be generated between the oil material and the parts due to friction during the pressing process. This pressure will destroy the cellular structure of peanuts so that peanut oil is extracted.

Then the peanut oil will pass through the vacuum filtering part to make the oil residue isolated on top of the filter cloth.

Finally, we can get clean peanut oil. This is the complete extraction process of groundnut oil.

Internal Screw
internal screw

Parameters of the groundnut oil extractor

Press Diameter55mm65mm80mm100mm125mm
Press Speed64r/min38r/min35r/min37r/min34r/min
Vacuum Pump0.75kw0.75kw0.55kw0.75kw0.75kw
Heating Power0.5kw1.1kw2.2kw3kw3.75kw

The advantages of screw peanuts oil extractor

  1. High oil output rate. The oil yield of a groundnut oil extractor can reach about 50%. The dry cake residue rate is less than or equal to 8%.
  2. High efficiency. Our peanut oil expeller can process 500 kg of raw materials per hour. And only one person can operate the machine.
  3. Wide range of applications. Taizy oil press can process more than 20 kinds of raw materials for oil extraction.
Automatic Oil Expeller Machine Structure
automatic oil expeller machine structure

The application range of oil press machine

Our peanuts oil processing machine has a wide range of applications. It can be used to press peanuts, sunflower seeds, walnuts, sesame seeds, almonds, cocoa, and other raw materials. In addition, our machine is also suitable for making rapeseed oil, palm oil, and soybean oil, etc. In a word, this screw oil press has a wide range of applications. If you don’t know whether your raw materials can use our oil press, please feel free to contact us.

Application Range Of Peanut Oil Press
application range of peanut oil press

Which groundnut is best for oil extraction?

  1. Look at the size of the peanut kernel. The peanut kernel for oil extraction cannot be too big or too small. The design principle of peanut oil press equipment is designed in accordance with the size of the oil crop under the feed port. Generally are selected a middle value. If the peanut kernel is too large, it will not be able to pass through the feed opening of the small oil press equipment. If the peanut kernel is too small, the downstream speed is too fast and can not improve the oil yield.
  2. Determine whether the peanut kernel is fresh. Oil extraction with peanut kernel must not have moldy peanuts. The moldy peanut kernel contains aflatoxin, a strong carcinogenic substance
  3. looking the variety of peanut kernels. There are many varieties of peanuts. Peanuts can be divided into ordinary peanuts, pearl type peanuts, multi grain type peanuts, and dragon type peanuts. the most suitable for oil extraction is the ordinary type of peanuts, with an oil content of up to 52-54%.
Pictures Of The Production Of Peanut Oil Press
pictures of the production of peanut oil press

How to start groundnut oil extraction business?

  1. Do a sound market analysis. You need to know whether peanuts are grown locally, the quality of peanuts and the local demand for peanut oil, and the income of the population.
  2. Choose a suitable location to establish a groundnut oil extraction machine company. Then get the appropriate business license from the government department.
  3. Buy groundnut oil processing machine equipment. If you want to start a peanut oil press factory, then a peanut oil press is not enough. You need a peanut shelling machine, peanut peeling machine, groundnut oil extractor, peanut filling machine, and other related equipment
  4. Market your peanut oil. Finally, you need to find sales channels to sell your peanut oil.