Yesterday our peanut grinding machine was shipped from Qingdao port to Brisbane port.

How did the customer find us?

According to the customer, the customer first looked up the peanut grinding machine on Amazon. He found that the prices on it were high and low, and he didn’t know how to get the right machine for him. So he wanted to look for a trustworthy supplier in Google. When he was browsing the web he came across our peanut butter machine product page information. He showed great interest in the machine after checking the parameters, functions, and operation principles of the machine. Therefore, he sent us an email asking about the price of the peanut butter making machine.

Commercial Peanut Butter Maker In Factory
commercial peanut butter maker in factory

Why did the customer want to buy the peanut grinding machine?

The customer said he had a peanut butter making plant. As the customer’s business increases, he wants to add another peanut butter production line. Therefore, he wanted to add a peanut butter machine to increase production.

Peanut Butter Processing Plant
peanut butter processing plant

Our customized service for the Australian customer

As a professional peanut butter machine manufacturer, we offer a number of customized services to our customers.
1. The machine’s outer shell is also made of stainless steel.
2. Wheels are added to the bottom of the machine.
3. We added a plug to this machine

Parameters of the peanut grinding machine

Voltage220V50hz single phase