Recently, a customer called to inquire about the peanut butter grinding machine. He wondered whether the commercial peanut grinder could make sesame paste. Among the customers of Taizy Machinery who buy colloid mills, many customers buy peanut butter colloid mill to grind peanut butter and sesame butter. Therefore, it is no problem for the colloid mills to make sesame paste.

To dispel customers’ doubts, the sales of Taizy Peanuts Machinery sent a video of the peanut butter grinding machine grinding peanuts and sesame paste to customers, so as to better show the effect of rubber machine grinding.

Peanut Butter Grinding Machine
peanut butter grinding machine

What kind of peanut butter grinding machine is the best?

If you want to make sesame butter and peanut butter, you need to use a colloid mill model: more than 100 square mouth colloid mill. The outlet of the circulating pipe is not suitable for thick slurry, because it is easy to block the material and cause leakage. Therefore, a square outlet must be adopted.

The production process of peanut butter and sesame paste

The grinding process of peanut and sesame is very simple. Users need to select roasted and peeled peanuts in advance. Peanut sesame has a large oil content, so the material will automatically slide into the grinding plate during the grinding process. Peanuts are ground and blended with oil to form peanut butter. If the material is ground without being processed, the material will be stuck in the peanut butter machine, causing difficulty in blanking. In serious cases, the motor of the machine may be burnt.

How to better use peanut butter machine?

Therefore, when the peanut butter colloid mill grinds materials, it is not peanut butter or other high oil content materials that need to add oil to enable smooth grinding of materials. The automatic peanut butter making machine ground peanut sesame becomes peanut butter and sesame butter will slowly flow out of the outlet. This is how peanut butter and sesame butter are made. Similarly, if you use a peanut butter grinding machine to grind almonds and other sauces, you can refer to the practice of peanut butter.