In August 2022, our peanut shell removing machine was sent to the Philippines from Qingdao Port.

Customer Background

Daniel is the owner of an agricultural materials store in the Philippines, specializing in selling various agricultural seeds, fertilizers, and small agricultural equipment. At the same time, peanuts are also the main cash crop in the region. Therefore, he wants to buy a peanut shell removing machine to remove the shells of peanuts. He can also provide peanut shelling business to increase the flow of his shop.

Winnie contacted the customer

Our business manager got in touch with the customer soon after receiving the inquiry from the customer. Winnie sent the customer the pictures, videos, parameters, and other relevant information about the machine. After communication, the customer is very interested in the machine with an output of 600-800 kilograms per hour. And hope to get the quotation for this machine. The two sides communicated and negotiated the price for two weeks. Finally, the customer decided to buy this peanut cracker machine.

Peanut Shell Removing Machine
peanut shell removing machine

Parameters of peanut shell removing machine

Overall Dimension (mm)1330*750*1570
Net Weight (kg)160
Productivity (kg/h)600-800
Breakage Rate≤2.0%
Damage Rate≤3.0%
Shelling Rate≥98%
Power3kw, 220v, 50hz, copper motor
FunctionPeanuts Shelling/Husking