Groundnut sheller can effectively remove the shells of peanuts. With the help of a peanut shelling machine, the peeling rate is up to 98% or more. We all know that peanuts have a wide range of applications. The most common of them are making peanut butter, peanut oil, and peanut candy. Therefore, we can use peanut sheller machine in peanut butter production plants, oil extraction plants, and food processing plants.

Peanut Shelling Machine
peanut shelling machine

Working principle of groundnut sheller

After the peanut shelling machine starts, the double drums inside the machine will squeeze and crush the peanut shells. Under the repeated friction of the drums, the peanut shells are broken to leave the peanut kernel. At the same time, the screening system can separate the peanut kernels from the peanut shells. Unqualified peanuts will fall off to facilitate the second shelling until the whole batch of peanuts are all shelled. Then the wind conveying system will blow away the residue of peanut shells. And the peanut kernel will come out from the discharge port.

Working Process Of The Sheller
working process of the sheller

Automatic peanut sheller machine design

Groundnut sheller is composed of a frame, double drums, rotor, fan, vibrating screen, and single-phase motor. Therefore, the machine has a shelling structure, screening structure, wind selection structure, and wind feeding structure.

Machine parameters

Overall Dimension (mm)1330*750*1570
Net Weight (kg)160
Breakage Rate≤2.0%
Damage Rate≤3.0%
Shelling Rate≥98%
Power3kw, 220v, 50hz, copper motor
FunctionPeanuts Shelling/Husking
small scale peanut shelling machine
Overall Dimension (mm)2750*1800*3360
Net Weight (kg)2850
Breakage Rate≤5.0%
Damage Rate≤0.5%
Shelling Rate≥99%
Operating humidity6.3≤12
large scale peanut sheller machine

Above are the parameters of two different peanut shellers. They are small peanut shelling machines and large peanut shellers. The output of a small peanut shelling machine is 600-800 kg per hour, and the output of a large peanut shelling unit is 5000-8000 kg per hour. Likewise, the weight of the machine is also different. The weight of a small machine is 160 kg. The weight of the large machine is 2850 kg. In addition, we have other models of machines. If you need it, please feel free to contact us.

Working video of peanut sheller

Advantages of Taizy groundnut sheller

  1. Long service life. The machine is made of high-quality steel. Therefore, it has the characteristics of sturdiness and durability.
  2. High shelling rate. The hulling rate of the Taizy peanut dehulling machine is above 98%. Compared with the same type of machine, it has a great advantage.
  3. High efficiency. The machine can shell up to 800 kg of peanuts per hour.
  4. High cleaning rate. The unique fan design can effectively separate peanut shells and peanut kernels. Peanut kernel is also cleaner.
  5. Multiple options. We can configure electric motor, gasoline engine, and diesel engine according to your needs.
  6. Wide application. Peanut shelling machine is widely used in peanut butter production plants, oil presses and food processing plants.
Peanut Shelling Machine For Sale
peanut shelling machine for sale

Types of groundnut sheller machine

According to the use of groundnut sheller can be divided into two categories: one is the peanut shelling machine for oil extraction, and the other is the peanut seed shelling machine. The different outputs can also be divided into different models, small groundnut shelling machine and large scale peanut sheller machine. Before buying, users need to determine their own needs for the machine. In terms of price, the price of the groundnut sheller machine for seed will be a little higher. Because peanut seed shelling machine shelled peanut kernel is used for peanut seeds. So the requirements for the peanut shelling equipment used are very high. And the requirements for the shelling rate, integrity rate, and breaking rate are also very high.

Large Scale Peanut Shelling Machine
large scale peanut shelling machine

Where to buy peanut shellers?

As a professional groundnut sheller manufacturer. We not only provide peanut shelling machine, but also a series of machines such as peanut butter production line, peanut peeling machine, peanut butter machine, peanut brittle machine, and so on. Therefore, we have high professionalism and rich experience in peanut processing machines. If you are looking for a reliable peanut shelling machine supplier, we are a good choice for you. Besides, we can also provide you with customized services. So far, our peanut sheller has been exported to Nigeria, Turkey, Zambia, Belgium, Afghanistan, St. Kitts and Nevis, Greece, and many other countries and regions. If you need this machine, please feel free to contact us.