Peanuts can be processed in different forms to form peanuts with different flavors. Wrapped peanuts are one of them. Coated peanut is a snack food made by using an automatic peanut coating machine to coat the peanut skin with flour and other ingredients, and then baking and other processes.

Process flow of coated peanut

Baking – coating – drying – baking – cooling – seasoning – the packaging
The coating peanut processing production line is mainly composed of an automatic coating machine, feeding elevator, vacuum flour feeder, etc. The peanut coating machine is composed of a coating system, quantitative feeding system, quantitative powder supply system, quantitative liquid supply system, and main frame.

Automatic Peanut Coating Machine
automatic peanut coating machine

Advantages of automatic peanut coating machine

  1. The product quality of the coated peanut processing production line is stable, the single machine output is large, there is no dust pollution, and it can be produced continuously.
  2. The high degree of automation. Different condiment formulas and product types can be stored by one key.
  3. The nut coating equipment can evenly coat the peanut surface with powder. The basic shape of the material determines the shape of the molding.
  4. With one key operation, you can complete the production from powder feeding, baking, and seasoning to finished coating. This ensures the stability and unity of the quality of finished products and reduces the pollution of dust to the workshop environment. This not only greatly reduces the intensity of human labor, but also reduces the skill requirements for operators and alleviates the problem of recruitment difficulties for enterprises.

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