Peanut butter and sesame butter can be made at home. But the production process is troublesome and time-consuming. Housewives with time can make these two butter by themselves. Peanut butter and sesame butter can also be mixed together to produce magical effects. So, what is the difference between peanut butter and sesame butter?

Which is better, peanut butter or sesame butter?

In addition to a large amount of calcium, sesame butter also provides a very rich supply of potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and other minerals, as well as a large amount of vitamin E, vitamin B1, niacin, protein, and monounsaturated fatty acids. It also contains the powerful antioxidant sesamol. Eating 30 grams of sesame butter every day can supplement about 330 mg of calcium.

Compared with sesame butter, peanut butter contains no carotene. Moreover, the content of calcium, iron, selenium, and other nutrients is far lower than that of sesame butter, while the content of sodium is about 60 times higher than that of sesame butter. The sodium content of 100g peanut butter is 2340mg, which is about 5.8g of salt.

Peanut Butter Made By Peanut Butter Maker
peanut butter made by peanut butter maker

Differences between peanut butter and sesame butter

  1. The difference in appearance: pure sesame butter is delicate, and its density is similar in the bottle. The peanut butter will be hard if it is kept for a long time.
  2. Smell difference: open it and smell it. The sesame butter has a strong smell of cooked sesame. Peanut butter is a fragrant roasted peanut flavor.
  3. The difference in color: the color of sesame butter is reddish brown and dark; The color of peanut butter is yellowish-brown and light.
Sesame Butter
sesame butter

Application range of peanut butter

Peanut butter is yellowish brown in color, fine in texture, delicious, and has the inherent rich aroma of peanuts. It is generally used as a seasoning for mixing noodles, steamed bread, bread, or cold dishes. It is also used as filling ingredients such as sweet cakes and steamed buns. Peanut butter is made from high-quality peanuts and other raw materials and is then made by a commercial peanut butter machine. The finished product is hard and tough mud, with a strong smell of fried peanuts. High-quality peanut butter is generally light beige, with fine quality, strong aroma, and no impurities.

Application range of sesame butter

Sesame butter is a sauce made by frying and grinding sesame seeds. It has fragrance and is used as a condiment. It is also called sesame butter. Sesame sauce is one of the most popular flavorings. There are two types of white sesame butter and black sesame butter. White sesame butter is preferred, while black sesame butter is preferred for nourishing. According to the color of the sesame material, it can be divided into white sesame butter and black sesame butter. According to the use, hot pot sesame butter is a common one. The raw materials of sesame butter are refined white sesame.