Good news, a Nigerian customer bought a brand new peanut shell remover. Now the machine is creating economic value for him.

The peanut sheller is an agricultural machine specially used for removing the shell of peanuts. In recent years, as more and more farmers seek efficient and affordable peanut shelling methods, the demand for peanut shellers from Nigerian farmers has also gradually increased.

Peanut Shell Remover
peanut shell remover

Why do customers choose to buy an automatic peanut shell remover?

In Nigeria, there are various types of peanut shellers for sale. The common types of peanut shelling machines include manual groundnut shelling machines, groundnut sheller machine for home use and fully automatic peanut shelling machines. The fully automatic machine can not only complete the peanut shelling process faster and more efficiently, but also the shelled peanuts are very clean and do not need secondary screening.

Groundnut Sheller Sold To Nigeria
groundnut sheller sold to nigeria

Technical parameters selected by Nigerian customers

Power8hp diesel engine

How to choose a high-quality peanut sheller?

When looking for a peanut shelling machine for sale in Nigeria, there are several factors to consider. First, the capacity of the machine needs to be considered. This will depend on the size of the field where you grow your peanuts and how many groundnuts you need to shell. Second, the source of power for the machine needs to be considered.

Another factor to consider is the maintenance requirements of the machine. peanut shell remover are subject to wear and damage and require regular maintenance to keep them in good shape. You should choose a machine that is easy to maintain and repair. Taizy fully automatic peanut sheller machine is simple in design, easy to maintain and clean,

Finally, you need to consider the price of the machine. The price of peanut peeling machine varies according to the machine type, capacity and power source.

Groundnut Shelling Machine
groundnut shelling machine


In conclusion, peanut shell remover is an essential machine for farmers who grow peanuts in Nigeria. When looking for a peanut shelling machine for sale, one should consider the machine’s capacity, power source, maintenance requirements, and price.