Groundnut planter is common agricultural machinery. Because peanut is one of the four largest nuts in the world and one of the main varieties of high-quality edible oil, it is planted in many countries around the world.

As a professional peanut planting machine, the groundnut planter can not only sow seeds, but also ridging, fertilization, soil covering, spraying, and film covering. It can meet various sowing needs.

Next, we will introduce the characteristics and working principle of the peanut seeder in detail.

4 Row Groundnut Planter Machine
4 row groundnut planter machine

How to sow groundnut seeds?

It is very simple to use a groundnut planter to seed peanuts. The main workflow of the Taizy peanut planting machine is fertilization, sowing, covering soil, and spraying.

When the tractor is moving, it drives the ground wheels. The ground wheel drives the seed metering shaft to rotate through the transmission chain to make the seed metering device metering. On the other side of the peanut seeder, the driving wheel drives the fertilizer discharge shaft to rotate through the chain. Then the fertilizer discharger discharges fertilizer.

A medicine box is installed at the back of the fertilizer box, and the medicine liquid will be sprayed out through the nozzle by using an electric pump. Two liquid medicine nozzles can be installed on each ridge. The film is installed on the plastic film support and stuck to the ridge surface through the film-pressing roller. The film-spreading wheels on both sides press the film to the ditch edge. And then the film covering device will press the film well.

Efffect Of Peanut Seeding
efffect of peanut seeding

What are the design details of the groundnut planter?

The machine is mainly composed of four parts: seeding device, fertilizer discharge device, spraying device, and film covering device. Corresponding to this are the seed box, fertilizer box, and ditcher. The ridging width, ridging height, sowing depth, and film covering the width of the machine can be adjusted. The seed metering device adopted by the groundnut planter can adjust the seeding amount according to the seed size and the requirements of different regions.

Machine Structure
machine structure

Parameters of the peanut planting machine

Number of lines246
Productivity0.5-0.8 acre/h0.8-1.6 acre/h1.6-3.2acre/h
Weight180 kg350 kg450 kg
Space of rows300-350 mm300-350 mm300-350 mm
Space of seed80-300 mm80-300 mm80-300 mm
Seeding rate>98%>98%>98%
Matched power(hp)20-4040-7060-90

Where to buy groundnut planter?

In Taizy Peanut Machinery Factory, we have three popular peanut planting machine for sale. They are two-row, four-row, and six-row peanut planters. The quality and seeding effect of each machine is the same. Customers can choose according to their actual needs. If customers want small peanut planters, we also have self-propelled peanut planters to meet customer needs. In addition, we can also provide customized services.

2 Row Peanut Planting Machine
2 row peanut planting machine
4 Row Groundnut Planter Machine
4 row groundnut planter machine
6 Row Groundnut Planter
6 row groundnut planter

What are the advantages of Taizy peanut seeder?

  1. Multiple functions. The groundnut planter integrates fertilization, sowing, spraying, film covering, and soil covering. It has the characteristics of one machine for multiple purposes.
  2. The machine is of high quality. The machine is made of 65# manganese steel with good wear resistance.
  3. High sowing precision. Taizy peanut planter has the same sowing depth and high seedling emergence rate.
  4. It is applicable to various terrains. The machine is suitable for hilly and mountainous terrain.
  5. The machine is highly mechanized.

Where to buy groundnut planter?

Taizy Peanut Machinery Factory is a good place to buy groundnut planter. As a professional manufacturer of agricultural machinery, we can provide a variety of peanut planter machines with different styles and sowing effects. In addition to peanut planter, we also have peanut harvest equipment, peanut sheller, roasted peanuts machine, and other peanut processing machinery.

Peanut Planting Machine For Sale
peanut planting machine for sale