In February 2022, our roller peanut roaster was shipped to Saudi Arabia. In March 2022, the peanut roaster was put into production.

Received customer inquiries

In January 2022, an email was received in our mailbox from Saudi Arabia. The email stated that he wanted to engage in the peanut roasting business. Need an efficient peanut roasting machine to help you complete this work. Hopefully, we can give him a detailed quote for the machine.

Contact the customer

After receiving the customer’s inquiry. Our salesman Emma contacted the customer on WhatsApp for the first time. She was informed of the customer’s specific requirements. The customer said that he was new to the industry and was not sure if he could make a profit from it. Therefore, he wanted to buy a small-capacity peanut roaster first. After knowing the customer’s needs, Emma recommended one of our machines with an output of 80-120kg/h. She also sent the customer a video of the machine in action. The price was also within the customer’s budget. After a week of communication, the customer paid us for the machine.

Peanut Roaster
peanut roaster

Customer feedback

In February 2022, the peanut roasting machine was shipped to Dammam port in Saudi Arabia. At the end of February, the machine was officially put into production. According to the customer’s feedback video, the customer is very satisfied with our machine. The customer said he would choose to contact us again if he has the opportunity.