In October 2021, a new peanut roasting machine will be transported to the UK.

Peanut Roasting Machine Sold To Uk
peanut roasting machine sold to uk

Customer Background

Leo, a British customer, has a small peanut sauce factory. His peanut roasting machine had an irreversible problem in use. So he wants to buy new peanut roasting equipment to help him resume production. When he saw our products, he found that the size and function of the machine were what he wanted. Then he sent us an inquiry.

After communicating with Selina, the sales manager, he felt that the machine met his requirements, but the price was a little high for him. Selina said that we can pay the deposit first, then we can arrange for the factory to make it first, and then we can pay the balance when the goods are delivered. The customer was satisfied with this solution. The customer then paid a deposit. Now the machine has arrived in Britain, and the customer is very satisfied with the use effect of the machine.

Advantages of peanut roasting machine

A peanut roaster is a common machine in peanut processing equipment. On the one hand, the peanut baking machine can effectively remove the moisture in peanuts. At the same time, the red skin of roasted peanuts can be easily removed. Our newly designed can not only make peanuts evenly heated, but also have a variety of heating methods for you to choose from. This machine can be heated by electric heating, fuel heating, gas heating, coal heating, etc.