In July 2023, a customer in the Philippines invested in their business by purchasing a high-performance peanut roasting machine from our company, Taizy Peanuts Machinery.

This article delves into the customer’s background, the reasons behind their choice, the machine’s advantages, and how our exemplary after-sales service alleviated any concerns the customer may have had.

Peanut Roasting Machine Sold To Philippines
peanut roasting machine sold to the Philippines

Customer Background

Our client, a thriving enterprise in the Philippines, recognized the increasing demand for quality roasted peanuts in their market. Seeking to elevate their production capabilities, they embarked on a search for a reliable and efficient machine for roasting peanuts. After thorough research, they chose Taizy Peanuts Machinery for its reputation as a leading provider of top-notch peanut processing equipment.

Why Customers Choose Taizy Peanuts Machinery?

The decision to purchase our peanut roasting machine was rooted in its exceptional features and capabilities. The MHK-2 model, with overall dimensions of 3000x2200x1700 mm, boasts a substantial capacity of 180-250 kg/h.

The powerful 2.2 kW motor ensures efficient operation, while the 35 kW electrical heating power guarantees precise temperature control for optimal roasting results. These specifications aligned seamlessly with our customer’s production needs, making our machine the ideal choice.

Roasted Peanuts
roasted peanuts

Unveiling the Machine’s Advantages

Upon receiving the MHK-2 peanut roasting machine, the client was impressed by its robust build and user-friendly design. The efficient roasting process, coupled with the machine’s ability to handle a capacity of 200 kg/h, exceeded the customer’s expectations.

The uniform roasting achieved by our machine ensured a consistently high-quality product, meeting the stringent standards set by the client for their roasted peanuts.

Addressing Customer Concerns with Exceptional After-Sales Service

Choosing a machinery provider is not only about the product but also the service that accompanies it. Taizy Peanuts Machinery takes pride in offering unparalleled after-sales service.

In the case of our Filipino client, any initial concerns or queries were promptly addressed by our dedicated support team. The client found reassurance in our commitment to ensuring the seamless operation and maintenance of the peanut roasting machine.

Client Testimonial: Satisfied with Efficiency

After integrating the MHK-2 peanut roasting machine into their peanut butter production line, the client expressed utmost satisfaction with its efficiency. The machine’s performance aligned perfectly with its business goals, allowing for increased productivity and improved product quality. The client emphasized that the machine delivered precisely the results they had envisioned when making the purchase.

Peanut Butter Production Line From A Customer In The Philippines
Peanut butter production line from a customer in the Philippines

The successful integration of Taizy Peanuts Machinery’s peanut roasting machine into our Filipino client’s production process highlights the importance of quality equipment and exceptional after-sales service.

As demand for roasted peanuts continues to rise in the Philippines, our machinery stands as a reliable solution for businesses aiming to enhance efficiency and meet the evolving needs of their customers.