The peanut brittle forming and cutting machine is the main machine in the peanut candy production line. As the name suggests, the function of the peanut brittle machine is to flatten the candy/brittle and cut it into uniform sizes.

It can not only make peanut brittle/candy, but also can make sachima, various cereal bars, sesame candy, sunflower candy, and so on.

Peanut Brittle Forming And Cutting Machine
peanut brittle forming and cutting machine

How is peanut brittle made?

The peanut brittle production process does not only need one machine to complete. In addition to the peanut brittle forming and cutting machine, a peanut roasting machine, a peanut peeling machine, a jacket kettle, a peanut candy mixer, and a peanut brittle packaging machine are also required.

The complete peanut brittle making process

First, we need to roast and peel the peanuts. Then boil the syrup in a peanut brittle jacketed pot. Then pour the peeled peanuts into the syrup and mix well. Next, the mixed peanuts and syrup are sent to the peanut candy forming and cutting machine for shaping and cutting. Finally, after the peanut candy/brittle is cooled, it can be packaged.

Peanut Candy Production Line
peanut candy production line

Parameters of peanut cereal bar forming machine

Width of peanut brittleAdjustable
Width of pressing roller(mm)560
Total length(mm)11800
Length of conveyor belt(m)5
Length of the conveyor belt(m)4
Number of the pressing roller5(0.75kw)
Raw material201 stainless steel
Secondary cutting device220v 250w

The above are just the parameters of a peanut brittle forming and cutting machine. In addition, we also have other styles of machines for sale. The output range is from 100kg/h to 2000kg/h. If necessary, please feel free to contact us, and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Cereal Bar Forming Machine
cereal bar forming machine

Working principle of peanut cereal bar forming machine

The peanut candy molding machine is mainly composed of a compacting system, a cooling system and a cutting system.

First, workers need to feed the mixed syrup and peanuts into the machine. Then the inside of the machine will automatically heat and stir the peanut brittle. Then shake and wiggle to gradually form solid peanut crumbs.

Feeding Inlet
feeding inlet
Press Roller
press roller

After the peanut candy is cooled in the cooling system, the peanut brittle forming and cutting machine will automatically cut it into the desired shape and size. Our machines can adjust the cutting size and shape as needed to meet different production needs.

The peanut brittle forming machine can greatly improve the production efficiency of peanut brittle. At the same time, it can also reduce manual operation and labor intensity. It is one of the important pieces of equipment for the production of peanut candy in modern factories.

Cutting Kinves
cutting kinves

Features of the peanut brittle forming and cutting machine

  1. The high degree of automation. The peanut candy forming and cutting machine can realize automatic production and improve production efficiency.
  2. 201 stainless steel material makes the machine have the characteristics of long service life and hygiene.
  3. The width of peanut brittle/candy can be adjusted according to customer needs.
  4. Saving raw materials: The machine can precisely control the amount and shape of raw materials.
  5. High safety: The operation of the machine is safer than manual operation, which reduces the risk of work-related injuries for workers.
  6. Wide range of applications.
Widely Application
widely application

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